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All Congress participants, regardless of whether their names appear elsewhere in the program as presenters or panel chairs, will be welcome to register for a workshop. Individuals who are neither presenting nor chairing may register as well. The names of all workshop participants will appear in the congress program. Please note that many of the workshops require either an expression of interest or an abstract to be submitted directly to the workshop leader. The deadline has passed; however, workshop leaders may continue to accept participants at their discretion



University of Technology Sydney

Decolonising Museum Collections? What’s In It for Origin Communities?

0000218191 LAW Graham.jpg

Graham LAW

Waseda University

Global Distribution of Popular Fiction: Forms of Circulation and Circulation of Forms



National University of Singapore

Empire and Imperial Identity: Royal Tours and Pageantry in the Long Nineteenth Century



Monash University Malaysia

Empire, Climate, and Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century:
Comparative Histories of China and ‘the West’

Reid Mug.JPG

Joshua L. REID

University of Washington

The Indigenous Pacific in the Age of Colonialism

IMG_7092 (1).jpg


Yale-NUS College

Encounter, Race, and Representation: Painting Empire in the “Long” Nineteenth Century

Workshops: Speakers
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