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Singapore 2023

The Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies held its first World Congress on “Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914" in parallel with the International Society for Cultural History’s annual conference on “Cultural Histories of Empire.” More than 240 delegates from 35 countries and 6 continents gathered in Singapore, 19 to 22 June 2023, to share their work and learn from one another

Past: Headliner

Special Events

Creative writing workshop for Cultural Historians

Cultural activities

Walking tour of Fort Canning and surrounds

Big Ideas and Pedagogy Sessions

Big Ideas Session: Treaty Portals: Global Nineteenth Century Trans-Imperialisms and the Urban Humanities

Big Ideas Session: Colonial Exploitation and Global Entrepreneurial Cultures

Big Ideas Session: Empire and Littoral Space in the Nineteenth Century

Pedagogy Session: Deposing the Queen: Replacing Victorian Studies with an Introduction to Revolution, Evolution, and the Global Nineteenth-Century Studies at Vassar College

Gala dinner

A Cultural History of the British Empire

Author John M. MACKENZIE (Lancaster University) in conversation with Berny SÈBE (University of Birmingham, UK)

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