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Singapore 2023

The Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies held its first World Congress on “Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914" in parallel with the International Society for Cultural History’s annual conference on “Cultural Histories of Empire.” More than 240 delegates from 35 countries and 6 continents gathered in Singapore, 19 to 22 June 2023, to share their work and learn from one another

Special Events

Creative writing workshop for Cultural Historians

Cultural activities

Walking tour of Fort Canning and surrounds

Big Ideas and Pedagogy Sessions

Big Ideas Session: Treaty Portals: Global Nineteenth Century Trans-Imperialisms and the Urban Humanities

Big Ideas Session: Colonial Exploitation and Global Entrepreneurial Cultures

Big Ideas Session: Empire and Littoral Space in the Nineteenth Century

Pedagogy Session: Deposing the Queen: Replacing Victorian Studies with an Introduction to Revolution, Evolution, and the Global Nineteenth-Century Studies at Vassar College

Gala dinner

A Cultural History of the British Empire

Author John M. MACKENZIE (Lancaster University) in conversation with Berny SÈBE (University of Birmingham, UK)

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