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Planning Your Visit


We have secured preferential rates with Holiday Inn Kuwait Salmiya. This hotel is regularly used by visitors to the the Gulf University for Science and Technology and is highly recommended. "Strategically located in Salmiya's heart, few minuets away from Ras Al Ard Club & Blajat Beach, just a brief 20-minute drive from Kuwait International Airport, prominent shopping hubs such as Avenues Mall and 360 Mall, and pivotal landmarks like the Marina shopping Mall, Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center, and the business and government district in Kuwait City."


Click on the link below, scroll down, and choose any dates between 13-21 January 2025 to enjoy a considerable discount off the regular room rate

Image by JC Gellidon

Additional options to come


Most visitors to Kuwait will need to apply for a visa in advance. There are no visas issued on arrival. Nationals from 53 countries can book their visa online at:

The 53 countries are: 

The United States of America - The United Kingdom - France - Italy - Germany - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - Japan - Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Austria - Sweden - Norway - Denmark - Portugal - Greece - Ireland - Finland - Spain - Monaco - Vatican -Iceland - Andorra - San Marino – Liechtenstein - Brunei - Singapore - Malaysia - Hong Kong - South Korea - Bhutan - Poland - Georgia - Ukraine - Slovenia - Estonia - Czech - Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Cyprus - Serbia - Slovakia - Cambodia - Latvia- Laos - Lithuania - Malta – Croatia - Hungary.

If you are not a passport holder from one of these countries, you can get a visa through your hotel once you have booked a room. Simply contact the hotel with your reservation number and they will advise you on next steps.

Passport Covers
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